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The Hawaiian Islands


Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Aina i ka Pono
(The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

Travellers are right when they say there is no other place like it on Earth. The naturally beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii will certainly make for an unforgettable holiday.

Land, water and light captivate the eyes. Tropical breezes and jewel-like ocean water soothe the body. Color, fragrance and texture delight the soul.

You have not truly seen a sunset until you have watched the setting sun in Hawaii.

Hawaii is an archipelago of volcanic islands situated at the end of a long chain of volcanoes whose volcanic formations have created unique landforms unrivalled in their beauty. Beaches and tropical jungles, clear ocean views and waterfalls, with mountains and canyon that create the backdrop for memories that remain for a lifetime and which draw you back again and again.

Be prepared to be enchanted; sand, sun, surf and stunning natural beauty, coupled with the warmth of the Hawaiian people make for an unforgettable life experience.

Stay in beautiful resort hotels that pamper your every need or opt for fully equipped condos and hotel suites that make you feel at home on the islands. 

Hawaii caters to all: romantic getaways, family adventures, honeymoon couples, cruise lovers, adventures enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Hawaii has been one of Alio's fastest growing destinations and is currently one of our top ten selling destinations, worldwide.
Demand from our travel agent partners across Canada has been growing steadily, as Canadians from coast to coast, are choosing to explore this unique island paradise.

Did You Know..
It takes only 5 hours to fly from Western Canada to Hawaii? Much closer than the long 12+ hours to the South Pacific, on average there are over 85 daily direct flights from North America to Hawaii. And the destination is not so small after all: there are 750 miles of coastline in Hawaii !

Getting to Hawaii  

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii's major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaii's visitors. All major domestic carriers and international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere.

There are also direct flights from the Canada and the US to Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island.

Alio offers great rates on direct flights from Canada or through conveninent conencting flights via the United States, as we partner with all the major international carriers.

Our Partners to Hawaii:

Air Canada American Airlines
Delta United Airlines US Airways Westjet

Staying in Hawaii  

Finding accommodations is easy in Hawaii. You'll find everything from historic hotels on pineapple plantations, to modern boutique properties, bed & breakfasts to multi-bedroom condos for all budgets, as well as full-service luxury resorts. There are than 30,000 hotel rooms on Oahu alone.

For a full list of the hundreds of properties Alio offers across the Hawaiian Islands, visit our Hotel Booking Tool.

Book your Hotel in Hawaii


The ocean temperature is 22-27°C year round and anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawaii. Summer, between April and November, is warmer and drier (average temperature is 24°-32° C) while winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler (20°-27° F). Trade winds keep things comfortable year-round. www.weather.gov/hawaii


Attire is "resort wear" even at the most luxurious resorts and restaurants. There's no need to bring a coat or tie unless you want to dress up. Remember, it is custom in Hawaii to slip off your shoes when entering a home.

Dress for comfort. T-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, shorts, jeans, sundresses, sneakers and sandals are all good choices. Temperatures are cooler in the evening making a sweater and slacks a good idea, and a jacket is recommended for those planning to venture into cool upland regions.

Traveling in Hawaii

To really experience all that Hawaii offers, we strongly recommend renting a car. ALIO offers great rates through our partner, AVIS Rent A Car.

Many visitors also enjoy taking bus tours to conveniently explore the Islands. Shuttles, taxis, and public transport are available on most islands.

Intra-island travel by air is fast and affordable. Alio can help you secure your intra-island flights, when booking your outbound ticket from Canada to Hawaii.


Hawaii's two official languages are Hawaiian and English. The melodious Hawaiian language is a Polynesian dialect and only has 13 letters.

Vowel sounds are generally pronounced as follows:
a ah, as in "saw"
e ay, as in "say"
i ee, as in "see"
o oh, as in "so"
u oo, as in "soon"

A few words you should know:
Aloha A greeting with love, Hello, Good-bye and more
Hula traditional Hawaiian dance
Mahalo Thank you
Lei A flower garland given for an occasion
Keiki Child
Ohana Family
Ono delicious
Pau Finished

Hawaii Standard Time

Hawaii follows Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours), which is 5 hours behind Eastern Standard Time and 2 hours behind Pacific Standard Time. Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time so add one extra hour to the time difference during this period (March through November).

Getting Married in Hawaii

For any couple to lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license must be obtained from an authorized agent. Once the license has been issued, there is no waiting period before the marriage can take place. Go to http://portal.ehawaii.gov/visitors/getting-married/ for complete details.

Which island is right for you?  

While Waikiki on Oahu has long been the most developed and visited city in the Hawaiian islands, each island offers something unique.
We highly recommend a multi-island holiday, for a more complete experience.

Hawaii, the Big Island

Hawaii, the Big Island











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